Born the wayward son of a Jewish rabbi, Mark Spector grew up to first be a boxer, then a US marine, then a CIA agent, and finally a mercenary. It was during a trip to Egypt, however, that his life would be forever changed. While attempting to stop his boss/future archenemy, Raoul Bushman, fro robbign an ancient tomb, that Spector was almost killed. Left for dead, Spector succame to the cold of the desert night, and would have perished, had it not been for the cult of Khonshu, who recognized him as their chosen one. Revived by Khonshu, the Egyptian Moon God of Justice, Spector, wearing a white hooded cape, defeated Bushman, and returned to America, now armed with weapons given to him by the cult. Donning a white and silver uniform, Spector became the Moon Knight, a vigilante crimefighter who lets evildoers know that when the moon rises...none of them are safe


Currently, Moon Knight has no superhuman powers. In the past, he had superhuman strength and agility, which were dependent on the phases of the moon. He is a master of all forms of armed and unarmed combat, and is a master of espionage.


  • Moon Knight was NOT a West Coast superhero; he was based on the East Coast, until Khonshu made him join the Avengers team there.