, Comic Vine Mr. Muscles name: Jonesy Cape History: current member of the secret avengers. powers: God-like strength: he possses limitless and astounding strength and was capable of doing various unbelievable, enormous, astonishing and extrodinary acts of power and noble performances such as toppling fin fang foom, sending thanos flying to Australia, managing to overpower abomination and make him bleed, macthing ultimare colosuus's stregnth, grabing and hurling galactagus's ship taa II, beat up rhino to the point where he was unconscious, stalemating a-bomb, punching a mountain into ruble, picking up a tanker, harming silver surfer, strike gladiator with enough force to shatter a planet, easily engage the likes of king hyperion in battle, hold his own and win against nova, punch the head off of dragon man, fight and defeat champion the universe in a challenge while his daimond was on his forehead, battling ajax with so much strength ajax was outcold, render namor unconscious while he was under water, shatter magneto's force field, forcing juggernaut to submit and support and hold Russia for a month. He has lifted a cruiseliner with ease and easily push a 19 foot long train full of boulders and TNT at juggernaut. Invulnerablity: his body gives him a intensely durable body that is completely invulnerable to all types of harm such as balistic penetration, great impacts and energy strikes. he is capable of withstanding powerful lasers, balistic missiles, direct hits from anti-tank missiles, howerwitzer shells, antiaircraft and ant-ship weapons, falls from immenesly unbelievable heights, electricity, expousre to extreme pressure and temperature and exposure to the rigors of space with no major or minor. he was capable of shruging off blats from thor and withstood and survived seventeen pont blank blasts from galatagus. he was able to withstand a full powerd scream from black bolt and has survived a thunderclap from hulk. he has withstood hits and stikes from vastly strong beings such as remaining unharmed from blows from sentry and was capable of withstanding being clobber by thor's hammer. had no problem shruging off full powerd venom bolts from spider-woman and proven to withstanding iron man's repulser blasts at full power. his recent adventure allowed him to survive a lava flow and withstood an assualt from the combined power of loki, abomination, ares, count neferia and apocalspe. he has been blasted by the void with no injury and has endured a blast from ego the living planet. he has withstood train raming in at warp speed with 999 tons of fireworks and survived a explosion of 999 tnt.his most incredible feat of durability he was able to survive the full power and full heat of a nuclear warhead expoling impacted at him without any injury. stamina: he pooses limitless and inexuastible stamina and is unable to tire. he has fought the hulk for 81 month and has not tired. he has shown fighting juggernaut for 109 years and has not been able to tire. he was